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Лабораторная работа CCNP ROUTE 642-902 EIGRP Basics

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Лабораторная работа курса CCNP Route 642-902 CBT Nuggets. Базовая конфигурация и диагностика протокола динамической маршрутизации EIGRP. Для выполнения данной лабораторной работы будет использоваться GNS3/С2691.  После выполнения данной лабораторной работы будут повторены основные аспекты конфигурирования и диагностики протокола динамической маршрутизации EIGRP курса CCNA.

  • Configure ElGRP for the shown network using ElGRP AS 90. Corporate policy dictates that you must use specific wildcard masks on R2 and R3. In addition, ElGRP should be configured in such a way that it does not operate like a cllassful routing protocol. Finally, the BB router has a static route to; R2 and R3 should receive this route via EIGRP without using redistribution.

  • R2 and R3 should have a default route pointing to the network at the corporate office. Ho static routes can be used to accomplish this.

  • In order to meet security sitandards, ElGRP should not form neighbor relationships on any interface where other ElGRP routers do not exist.

  • To improve the efficiency off the remote routers R2 and R3, the corporate BB router should summarize into a single network advertisement.

  • To best utilize available neltwork bandwidth, the corporate BB router should perform unequal load balancing to reach the 10.L2.0/24 network.

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