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Лабораторная работа CCNP ROUTE 642-902 OSPF Basics

CCNP Lab, Лабораторная работа CCNP Route, CCNP
Лабораторная работа курса CCNP Route 642-902 CBT Nuggets. Базовая конфигурация и диагностика протокола динамической маршрутизации OSPF. Для выполнения данной лабораторной работы будет использоваться GNS3/С2691, C3640.  После выполнения данной лабораторной работы будут повторены основные аспекты конфигурирования и диагностики протокола динамической маршрутизации OSPF.


  • Configure OSPF for the above network diagram. R1 will act as an ASBR by redistributing a series of static routes into the OSPF network. These routes should NOT increment their metric as they pass through the network and should have an initial OSPF cost of 200. All routers should have a router-id reflecting their hostname; you should be able to ping this router-id throughout the entire OSPF network.
  • After completing the initial step of the lab, one of the routers in AreaO will become the DR and one will become the BDR for the Ethernet segment. Which router will become the DR and BDR? write DR and BDR next to the respective router below.


  • Ensure R1 becomes the DR on the Ethernet segment in Area 0. R2 and R3 should not become a DR or BDR for the Ethernet segment in AreaO. After this changes made, what type of neighbor relationship should exist between Rl and R2? What about R2 and R3?
  • Implement summarization at the ABRs in the network to make the routing tables throughout the network as efficient as possible.
  • Implement summarization at the ASBR. The summary route should have the same attributes as the original, individual routes redistributed into the network.
  • The organization plans to upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet in the coming months. OSPF should accurately calculate its metric assuming Gigabit Ethernet will be the fastest link in the network.

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