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Лабораторная работа CCNP ROUTE 642-902 OSPF over NBMA

CCNP Lab, Лабораторная работа CCNP Route, CCNP
Лабораторная работа курса CCNP Route 642-902 CBT Nuggets. Конфигурация и диагностика протокола динамической маршрутизации OSPF в среде NBMA . Для выполнения данной лабораторной работы будет использоваться GNS3/C3600, С1700.  После выполнения данной лабораторной работы будут повторены основные аспекты конфигурирования и диагностики протокола динамической маршрутизации OSPF, а также получены навыки конфигурирования OSPF в среде NBMA.

  • Configure OSPF for the above network diagram. You will need to configure OSPF for the Area 0 and Area 24 Frame Relay network using the default OPSF network mode (no ip ospf network statements may be used on any router in these areas). R3's interface connecting to Area 356 needs to be configured for the OSPF RFC standard point-to-multipoint mode. R5 and R6 must use the default OSPF mode (no ip ospf network statements may be used on R5 or R6).
  • Each OSPF router has a single loopback interface. These should be advertised through the OSPF network. The loopback interfaces of the ABRs can be included in either area.
  • Ensure only appropriate routers have DR/BDR status.
  • In order to achieve full connectivity, you may need to add additional Frame-Relay maps to your routers. However, you may not add additional Frame-Relay PVCs by modifying the FRS devices.
  • To test your configuration, R4 should be able to ping the loopback Interfaces of R5 ( and R6 (

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