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Лабораторная работа CCNP ROUTE 642-902 IPv4 Implementing Advanced Redistribution

Cisco CCNP Lab, Cisco CCNP Лаюбораторная работа
Лабораторная работа курса CCNP Route 642-902 CBT Nuggets. Конфигурация перераспределения маршрутов между динамическими протоколами маршрутизации . Для выполнения данной лабораторной работы будет использоваться GNS3/С2691.  После выполнения данной лабораторной работы будут  получены навыки конфигурирования перераспределения  маршрутов между  протоколами маршрутизации OSPF и EIGRP.

  • Configure EIGRP and OSPF for the network shown (use OSPF Area 0). Advertise all networks on all routers. Do not implement any summarization features for EIGRP or OSPF. Routes should never be advertised in both OSPF and EIGRP routing domains.
  • Enable full, mutual redistribution on R2 and R3 between OSPF and EIGRP. The and subnets should have a seed metric of 100 and an OSPF tag of 10 while the and subnets should have a seed metric of 200 and an OSPF tag of 20. All other subnets redistributed into OSPF should have a seed metric of 300 and an OSPF tag of 30. OSPF routes redistributed into EIGRP should have a seed metric of BW: 400 DLY: 20 REL: 255 LD: 1 MTU: 1500 and a tag of 40. Finally, external OSPF routes should not increment their metric as they pass through the OSPF domain.

  • Ensure the network does not reach the OSPF routing domain.

  • Enable filtering using the assigned route tags to ensure redistributed routes do not cause any looping issues.

  • R3 has the preferred route to reach the network. Ensure routers prefer this path over the path from R2.

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